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BLOG: LA flooding got a little closer to home

(Source: Liz Mons) (Source: Liz Mons)
(Source: Liz Mons) (Source: Liz Mons)
(Source: Liz Mons) (Source: Liz Mons)

We’ve all heard about the Louisiana flooding, but unless you know someone who has gone through it, it can seem far away. My friend Liz Mons lives in Denham Springs. We went to grad school together. I thought I’d show you some of her Facebook posts from the past few weeks. This is what flooding is really all about.

Mom and Dad and dogs are here and safe

I always said that if my house is flooded then all of Denham is flooded.....ha....ha....ha......never thought it was possible. Any moment we will have water inside......

We were fortunate to only get at couple of inches in our den in the middle of the night and it is already drying out. We live in a houseboat right now. We are ok!

My parents just got back. They think about 3 to 4" got in the house. The floors of course are a loss, but don’t know what else at this time. Their entire back wood fence was knocked down by the force of the water

Liz, they just showed the picture of your church on the NBC evening news.

Hit "like" if you are drenched in sweat and stink like the river

Happy Birthday to my mom. Not a really fun day, but blessings in the middle of it all. I promise mom, we will celebrate better later!

As you go through the storm, remember, Jesus is in the boat.....a timely reminder from a godly man just days before the storm.

Floors pulled up. Thanks Mike Michael Keller and Wade for helping our family with the rest of the floor today.

Has anyone seen an update on the boil advisory? Haven't seen if it is lifted or remains

Does anyone know what Hancock/Whitney and Capital One banks are open?

Today..... i just can’t think straight

i sure hope it doesn’t pour down rain today....... oh wait

Frank and Caroline need to borrow a window unit to dry out their gutted house

Betty Rowlen, my former pianist and the current pianist at Amite Baptist in Denham Springs needs help. She was basically cut off from the rest of her church by the flood waters. She and her daughter lived out of her car for several days because no one could get to her. Her house flooded but has not been touched yet as she is a single 60 something by herself. She's lost everything, but the biggest need is to get someone or some group to mud out her house. Amite Baptist Church members, I'm willing to organize and be there after work this week...but I need help. Please contact me if you can.

Aaaannnddd it is raining.......

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The Red Cross provides food and temporary shelter to those in need. More than 10,000 people have been housed in Red Cross shelters. Volunteers come from all across the country (including North Carolina) to staff shelters and interview people to find out how they can be the most help. They partner with other agencies to cook and distribute meals and water to people working on their houses. Cleaning supplies, trash bags, shovels and rakes are given out to help families clean up the mess the flood waters left behind. They also offer emotional help through mental health professionals who volunteer from different parts of the US.

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