Vitamin and supplement aisle continues to grow

30,000 supplements on the market

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We all want to stay healthy but it is hard to always eat the perfect diet or get just enough exercise.

It is why so many people take vitamins and supplements to fill the gap.

"There are 30,000 different kinds on the market and more than half of all American adults take at least one.  It can be dizzying," said Dr. Peter Dorton with Novant Health.

Along with the multi-vitamins and minerals in stores, there are combinations of "natural" remedies to help you sleep, keep you calm, boost your energy and more.

"Natural is not always safe," Dr. Dorton said.

Courtnay Aycock doesn't just start her day with a multi-vitamin.  She takes multiple supplements every day.

"I like using herbal supplements instead of prescription medicine when I can but I always talk to my doctor first," Aycock told us.

"I look at supplements like a prescription.  You have to talk with your doctor because there might be certain interactions you might not expect.  Some can interfere with surgery and recovery, or certain types of chemotherapy,"  Dorton added.

While Dorton admits a supplement that isn't causing you negative side effects should be alright for you to take, he says there might be an easier way.

"I really recommend people get most of what they need from their diet.  The best way to maintain health is to eat a wide variety of foods.  If you are eating a good balanced diet you might not need extra help with your sleep or moods," he said.

Dorton recommends websites like The Natural Medicines Database as a place to start your research.

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