Counselor offers tips on how to discover your purpose


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you're having trouble discovering your purpose in life, this segment is just for you. Licensed counselor, Felice Hightower, stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning with a rundown of what you can do to help find your purpose.

Below is a set of tips from Felice:

  • Try to remember what you said you wanted to be when you were young (most people know when they are young but allow parents, friends, teachers to talk them out of their original dream).
  • Reflect upon your natural gifts and talents. These are the things you do without much thought but it brings you a sense of fulfillment and joy.
  • List the things you love to do and consider how you can make money doing it.
  • List the things you dislike doing or that don't bring you a sense of fulfillment.
  • Take some time to get alone with yourself in prayer and meditation and listen to your spirit.  Then do what is revealed to you.

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