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Father of slain toddler: There are no words to describe all of this

Josh Kinnett and daughter Jordyn Dumont (Source: Josh Kinnett) Josh Kinnett and daughter Jordyn Dumont (Source: Josh Kinnett)

It's been a year and a half since Josh Kinnett saw his little girl, Jordyn. 

When police called him in Illinois on Monday to tell him she was reported missing, Kinnett said he got in his car and headed for Bessemer City. Tuesday morning when he was about an hour away, he said he got a call from police. 

"And then he told me they found a body and they think its Jordyn" Kinnett said. "That kind of just blew me away. I couldn’t believe it."

Kinnett said he wanted to see house where his three year old was living her mother, and her mother's boyfriend, William McCullen.

He said during the first part of Jordyn's life, he spent a lot time with her. But he said his Jordyn's mother stopped staying in contact. He remembers getting calls from her after she moved in with McCullen.

"There would be times she would call me up crying, hysterically crying where to the point I got worried. Do I call the police right now?" he said. "She told me crazy stories - how he would beat on her and they would fight all the time and stuff."

Kinnett said he wondered if his daughter was ever in danger but he said Jordyn's mother told him the little girl never complained about McCullen beating her.

'No. Jordan would have told me if he would have done anything to her,' he said the child's mother told him and Kinnett added, "And I believe that. I believe she would tell somebody. She’s smart. She knows. If somebody is doing something to her she doesn’t like it she’s going to tell somebody you know."

"I didn't think that he was doing it to my children. I thought about it but no parent ever wants to think it – it just drives you to the point of insanity" he said.

He said when police told him Jordyn was missing, his first thought was that maybe she ran away because of all of the fighting.

Now, that his three year old is dead - allegedly at the hands of her mother's boyfriend - Kinnett is trying to sort through his emotions.

"There are no words to describe all of this. It's just so overwhelming" he said. "You could fit every word in the dictionary into my vocabulary I would assume. Just upset and angry, confused and upset about all of this."

Kinnett said he's been in touch with Jordyn's mom since his daughter's murder but he's still in the dark about what happened.

"From what I've known – from what she's told me none of this makes any sense. it's not adding up" he said. "It’s not right. None of it is. She’s acting weird. I don’t understand."

His thoughts now are on answers.

"I just want justice for Jordyn. I want to know who did this and why. I feel like everybody deserves that you know, deserves that closure" Kinnett said. "I just really hope we can find out what happened you know."

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