Carpool safety tips for adults and kids

Carpool safety tips for adults and kids
new Toyota near Charlotte
new Toyota near Charlotte
If you’re coworkers are talking about organizing a carpool – make sure you sign up! Not only is carpooling better for the environment, but it’s also better for your wallet. You can cut down on weekly stops at the gas pump and draining your paycheck into your gas tank. By joining the office carpool, you’ll be able to better enjoy your morning and afternoon commutes! However, before you get started, make sure you use carpool safety tips from Toyota of N Charlotte.

Safe driving for coworker carpools

Whether you’re behind the wheel or it’s the person that you share a cubicle with, you want to make sure everyone is refreshed on safe driving tips. Some of the most important safe driving tips to keep in mind when carpooling are:
  • Defensive driving techniques. Keep a safe following distance on the road, abide by road rules and road signs, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid distracted driving. Don’t use your phone while driving the carpool, and as a passenger, do not distract drivers.
Maybe your carpool isn’t full of coworkers, but kids instead! If you’ve organized a carpool with your neighbors to take turns dropping the kids off at school and picking them up, you have to take extra time to prep your N Charlotte Toyota. You should keep the same safe driving tips in mind, and remember safety tips like:
  • Install child car seats for each kid that needs one. Make sure the car seat is the right type for each child.
  • Ensure child locks are on. Keep kids in the back safe with locking mechanisms they can’t undo from the back seat.
  • Ask about any allergies, medications, or medical conditions. Gather vital information about the health of each child you’ll be driving. Make sure you have contact information for the parents.
Don’t forget to pack anything you might need to keep the youngsters happy! Pack your car with snacks, juices, toys, and entertainment. Of course, don’t forget to pack napkins and wipes to clean up any messes.

Carpool comradery in your N Charlotte Toyota

Before you start traveling to work or school with your group, it’s important that you plan ahead and establish rules, guidelines, and times. To help your carpool run smoothly and successfully, use tips from Toyota of N Charlotte like:
Plan a schedule. Figure out who will be driving on what days, and who will be getting picked up when. Plan for a second driver if an emergency were to happen.
  • Determine a route.  Plot a pickup route and plan your commute to your destination.
  • Be timely. Don’t be late, whether you’re driving or riding along! Being late causes everyone else to be late and throws off their schedules.
  • Decide on rules and manners for riding in the car. Discuss car etiquette like eating, drinking, or smoking in the car, or listening to music and talking on the phone.
For tips on how to safely and successfully carpool with kids and coworkers, visit Toyota of N Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Road. We’re located just off of I-77 at exit 23!