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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Super Bowl Hopes for the Queen City

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It won't be long until we'll hear the roar of Carolina fans cheering on the Panthers for the 2016 season!

Like you, we sure hope for a repeat performance of the Panthers playing for another Super Bowl.

Okay, maybe it's too soon to be talking about that for those of you who are superstitious.

But there is another element of the Super Bowl we’ve longed to be a part of: Charlotte actually hosting the Super Bowl game.

Do we really know what we're signing up for?

We read through some of the 153-page document detailing the specifications and requirements the NFL says a city must meet just to be CONSIDERED to host the big game.

It's a very one-sided contract…to the NFL's benefit. Surprised?

There is a slew of clauses where improvements or additions the NFL deems necessary would have to take place at "no cost to the NFL."

The NFL sets all ticket prices to the game and receives 100 percent of the profit.

Of course, there's the expectation to be exempt from city, county and state taxes.

Charlotte would be an amazing host city.

We aren't crazy about the NFL's lofty expectations to have the game played here.

But the worldwide exposure for the Queen City and the economic impact for local businesses for four quarters of football at Bank of America Stadium would be a huge plus.

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