Trump campaign looking to attract African American voters

Trump looks to get more African American votes
(Jordan Sawyers | WBTV)
(Jordan Sawyers | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - North Carolina is a crucial swing state in the 2016 presidential election. Republican candidate Donald Trump is behind in the latest polls, but he's trying to make up that ground by appealing to one particular group not known for voting Republican.

On Sunday, his campaign held an event at Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries, a largely African American church in Charlotte. While he wasn't there, his daughter-in-law, Lara, was.

African American Trump supporters at the event say they believe he can bring change to this country.

"He is a businessman. He has a lot of good points. He's said some things, but he has a lot of good points," said Lafonda Jackson.

Currently, Hillary Clinton has 85 percent of the African American vote in North Carolina, while Trump has 6 percent, according to the latest CBS News poll. Trump is doing better than 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who won only 4 percent of the state's African American vote in the last presidential election.

However, in the U.S., Trump has not performed as well as Romney did with African American voters in 2012. Trump has 4 percent, versus 6 percent for Romney.

In the most recent Wall Street Journal poll, Trump has zero percent of the African American vote in Pennsylvania and Ohio, which are two crucial swing states.

"Trump may be on track to have the worst Republican presidential vote totals of that group," said Dr. Michael Bitzer, the Catawba County Provost.

Bitzer says events like the one Sunday are Trump's best shot at outperforming past Republican candidates in the African American community.

"One way to work into that particular voting block is by appealing to the faith community," Bitzer said.

Trump will make a campaign stop in Wilmington Tuesday, followed by a visit to Fayetteville.

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