Molly's Kids: Gabriel Revis to have surgery

Molly's Kids: Gabriel Revis to have surgery
(Photo courtesy family)
(Photo courtesy family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - "Little Man" is going into surgery Monday morning.

Many of you love Gabriel Revis and are inspired by his story.

His mom, April, says "Little Man" (her nickname for him) is now scooting around, rolling over and sitting up on his own. These are huge milestones because 18-month-old Gabriel was born with Roberts Syndrome.

Wikipedia describes the disorder as "mild to severe prenatal retardation..." and says it leads to malformation of his bones. He was born with three fingers on each hand, two toes on one foot, three toes on the other and no left ear.

Doctors said Gabriel wouldn't live three days.

"Little Man" is now 18 months old.

But it's not easy. He has been hospitalized 19 times since released from NICU in March 2015.

He is having surgery palette surgery on Monday. He had his 5th eye surgery a couple months ago. Then a hernia repair. Three weeks later his trach came out. His mom says that procedure almost killed him. Then doctors realized little Gabriel's kidneys weren't flushing out pain medicines, and he was overdosed.

His kidneys are working 25-30% now. He may be looking at dialysis or kidney transplant. April says they'll know by September.

"Now that Gabriel has figured out how to get into everything I've realized he's really curious," she said. "I continue to love him more than anything. We're getting by."

As we said last year (read original post >>, April is a single mom. She works part-time in Hickory while trying to take care of her only son, who requires 24-hour attention.

She's amazing.

A big hug to her this Monday morning and a huge good luck as Gabriel enters yet another procedure to keep him proving doctors wrong.


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