Report: Man changed clothes, drank beer before reporting woman missing from tubing trip

Report: Man changed clothes, drank beer before reporting woman missing from tubing trip

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - A woman's body was found earlier Sunday morning, more than 12 hours after she was reported missing by a man she went tubing with along the Catawba River. Officers say the man changed clothes and drank beer before calling the police.

The woman, identified by the York County Coroner's office as 44-year-old Christie Shipley, was found around 200 yards from a public parking area.

According to Rock Hill Police, Shipley was reported missing around 10:30 p.m. Saturday by a man, whose name has been redacted from the report.

The man told police the pair agreed to meet and go tubing in the water together. The man and Shipley had both been drinking, according to the man, and Shipley "kept jumping out of her tube and into the water."

The man said he asked her to stop because the river was dangerous, but she continued. They floated to an area near River Park and he decided to get out since it was getting dark, he told officers.

Shipley "kept putting water on herself because she was saying how hot she was and wanted to cool off," according to the report.

The man says he started pulling the tubes out of the water when he slipped on the bank of the river. He turned around to ask Shipley to get out of the water, but she wasn't there. He says he went back up the riverbank and changed clothes.

Officers asked why he didn't call police right away, according to the report, and the man said he'd left his phone in his truck, so he didn't have a phone to call.

When asked why he didn't call police when he got back to his truck, the man said he was "under so much anxiety at that point" and went to a friend's house where he "had a couple of beers."  That's when he decided to call police.

According to the report, officers found a wallet in the back of the man's trunk, along with some "zip lock bags with surgical gloves and some empty zip lock bags." The man told officers the gloves belonged to Shipley and the empty baggies were where he "had his cell phone and other items that floated down the river with him."

The man showed police where he'd exited the river and officer say there didn't appear to be any sign of a struggle.

The dive team was called out and Shipley's body was found the next morning.

Rock Hill Police say the case is an active investigation.

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