Know the capabilities of your new Toyota!

Know the capabilities of your new Toyota!
new Toyota for sale
new Toyota for sale
When shopping for a new vehicle, safety is one of the most important requirements on your list. While all of our new Toyota vehicles come with the latest and greatest safety systems and features, it’s important that you operate the vehicle safely. Depending on the body style of the vehicle, there are certain capabilities of a Toyota. Before you purchase a N Charlotte Toyota, you should make sure it’s the right ride for your drive!

Do’s and Don’ts of new Toyota vehicles

When choosing a Toyota, you must first consider what you will need it for. There are certain aspects of driving that some types of cars are better for than others. Before you sign on the dotted line for a new Toyota near Charlotte, consider the do’s and don’ts of different Toyota vehicles!

For commuting:

  • Compact car – whether you’re taking the kids to school or driving to work, a compact car is your best bet for a more pleasant commute. A compact car allows for better fuel economy and is easily maneuverable through heavy traffic.
  • SUV – if you’re in charge of the office carpool or you have a big family, a new Toyota SUV is ideal. It has adequate seating and more than enough cargo space for all belongings.
  • Truck – unless you want to make frequent stops at the gas pump, a truck is not the best ride for a daily commute. It guzzles up gasoline and is more difficult to maneuver!

For towing:

  • Truck – hauling equipment or towing the boat? A new Toyota truck is made for this job! Toyota trucks near Charlotte have capable engines and impressive payload and towing capacities.
  • SUV – before you begin to tow, check the owner’s manual for the SUVs towing capacity. Be careful not to exceed the payload or towing capacity as this could increase the chance of a rollover.
  • Compact car – do not attempt to tow with a compact car. Not only are the engines not powerful enough, a compact car does not have the proper structure for pulling something behind it. You could end up damaging the vehicle.

For traveling:

  • SUV – if you’re taking the family on a cross-country road trip, a new Toyota SUV near Charlotte is exactly what you need! It has the space and convenient features you need for a successful road trip.
  • Compact car – you can save gas and get to your destination faster with a fuel-efficient compact car on a road trip!
  • Truck – if you don’t need the space in the bed, a truck is going to cost you a lot of money in gas on a road trip.

N Charlotte Toyota cars are safe!

No matter what Toyota you ultimately choose, you will be getting a car with top-of-the-line safety features. All new Toyota cars near Charlotte come standard with the Advanced Airbag System, Toyota Star Safety System, and LATCH child seat anchors.
Knowing the limits and capabilities of your vehicle and having top-notch safety features will help keep your passengers safe! For more safe driving tips or information on Toyota safety technology, visit Toyota of N Charlotte at 13249 Statesville Road. We’re located just off of I-77 at exit 23!