Safe driving tips for mountains and hills

Safe driving tips for mountains and hills
safe driving on hills
safe driving on hills
Living in North Carolina, you may or may not see a mountain every day. However, it doesn’t hurt to know how to drive in mountainous areas! Toyota of N Charlotte wants to help you know how to drive safely on different types of topography. Whether it’s high altitudes or at sea level, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has safe driving tips for you!

Handling hills in your N Charlotte Toyota

If you’ve ever found yourself on a road with a constant up and down, you know driving on hills can be tricky. Whether the hills are steep or the traffic is heavy, you should keep these safe driving tips in mind on hills:
  • Use your headlights at night. Make sure you can see other vehicles and they can see you!
  • Pass with care. Hills prohibit some visibility so make sure you check carefully before changing lanes.

Safe driving on mountains

A bit more intimidating than hills, mountains require driving with extreme care. Driving up the mountain can be dangerous, and so can the drive back down.
Before you attempt to drive through mountain territory, make sure your N Charlotte Toyota has a full tank of gas and is in tiptop shape! While driving through mountain roads, you may go over a hundred miles without passing a gas pump. Having a full tank of gas will also keep you safe in case you have a roadside emergency and end up stranded on the side of the road in bad weather.
You should also have your vehicle checked at our Toyota Service Center before you start your ascent. When driving on mountains, you need your car’s engine, brakes, transmission, and other components to be in their best shape. Have your N Charlotte Toyota inspected from bumper to bumper before you make your way to the summit.
Once you and your ride are ready for the mountain ranges, use these safe driving tips for your ascent and descent on mountains:
  • Don’t hug the center line. Maintain your lane and avoid driving in the center of the road. Mountains have a lot of blind turns that don’t allow you to see oncoming traffic.
  • Give cars going up the right of way. Allow room for cars ascending the mountain so they don’t have to slow down.
  • Don’t ride your brakes. Keep your foot off the brakes as much as you can to prevent them from overheating.
  • Switch to a lower gear. To cause less strain on your engine and your brakes, drive in a lower gear and allow your car to do the braking for you.
If your brakes begin to overheat, allow them to cool off. Find a safe place to pull off of the road and put your car in park, using the parking brake if necessary. Let your car sit there for several minutes, allowing your brakes to cool down and regain braking efficiency.
For more safe driving tips from Toyota of N Charlotte, visit us at 13429 Statesville Road! We’re just off of I-77 at exit 23!