Car battery shopping guide

Car battery shopping guide
car battery tips
car battery tips
If you’ve had your car for at least three to five years, you may be approaching the need for a new car battery. These Charlotte auto parts were only made to last for this amount of time. Replacing your car battery is required to start your car, and luckily they’re a fairly inexpensive to purchase!  However, do you know what type of car battery your vehicle needs? Our Charlotte Toyota Service Center explains the different types!

Tips for car battery shopping

The battery in your car is dead and you need a new one, but what type? According to our Charlotte auto parts experts, there are three common types: lithium, VRLA, and wet cell. 


Known as the most reliable type, a lithium battery is sealed. Being sealed means that it does not release any gases. It is all one piece, rather than sectioned. You are more likely to find lithium batteries on newer model cars, as well as high performance cars. These auto parts are a bit more expensive than others because they last longer and require less maintenance.


VRLA stands for valve-regulated lead-acid battery. These types of batteries are sealed as well. They do not release gases and prevent leaks. They are often considered safer than a wet cell battery. This type of Charlotte car battery is best for extreme temperatures and conditions. A VRLA battery is rechargeable. A battery that is rechargeable allows you to keep the same battery and save money on battery replacements.

Wet Cell

Most affordable and most common, a wet cell battery is also referred to as a flooded battery. They are lead acid batteries with liquid electrolytes. Wet cell batteries are divided into two types: conventional and sealed. The conventional type has sections and is known to leak gases and deteriorate faster. A sealed wet cell battery requires less maintenance than the conventional.
While they all provide the same function of starting your car, all of these types have their differences. 

Test your battery at our Charlotte auto service center

Most of the time, your car will try to let you know if your battery is on its way out. Some signs that indicate the battery in your car is dying include:
  • Car won’t turn on on the first try
  • Battery case is swollen
  • A rotten egg smell coming from under your hood
  • Check engine light
It’s best to make sure your car battery isn’t going to leave you stranded on the side of the road. Before it flat-lines completely, bring your vehicle in to have your battery tested. Our Toyota service techs will test the charge of your battery and determine how much life it has left.
Fortunately, a car battery replacement at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center is affordable! We even offer Toyota service coupons to make this auto service even more affordable.
To shop for a new battery or to have yours tested; visit our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte! We’re located 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77 at exit 23!