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BLOG: Tired of this hot weather? Let's see what it's like on the moon...

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I’ll give you a hint… It may make you thankful for the weather we have here on earth!

While our temperatures were in the 90s all but two days in July, the moon has no atmosphere so it can’t help moderate the temperature. A day on the moon is 27 earth days long.

That means daytime lasts 13.5 days and night is 13.5 days. The moon’s surface can reach 253° F. Since there is no air, there are also no cooling breezes.

Plus, while water has been found on the moon, it wasn’t found in the form of cooling showers. Even though we’re close to 5” behind on rainfall, we still have it better than the moon! I know a cool-down would be welcome right about now but the night time temperature can drop to -243° F!

Feeling better about earth yet?

The tilt of Earth’s axis is about 23.5°. Because of that, we have seasons. While it may be hot now, we know it will have to eventually cool down. Winter will come and we will be complaining about the cold before you know it. On the moon, the tilt is about 1.5°.

That means there are no seasons. It also means some places at the poles never see daylight. Talk about a long, cold winter!

Now, are you ready to face another day in the 90s?

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