From education to business owner: Leola & Simone boutique

From education to business owner

On WBTV News Sunday Morning, we featured Danielle Lennon, the Owner of Leola & Simone Fashion Boutique in Springfield Town Center in Fort Mill, SC.  She talked about her transition from the education field to becoming a business owner. She also provided tips for other looking to fulfill their dreams.

 Envision your dream
- Start from the end and write out or sketch out what your dream looks like.  Whether it's in business, the arts or any profession write out what it is that you want your dream to look like.  For me I had an overall idea of what my store would look like years ago.

Surround yourself with like-minded people. 
- By this I mean people who are willing to think and have discussions about your dreams.  They need to be willing to be supportive of your dreams and encouraging but also able to give you true feedback in areas that you may not have experience.

Follow through
- I have always been a person of action.  There is a time to talk about what you are going to do but it always needs to be followed by actions.