BLOG: Stro’s Carolina Panthers training camp notes

The Fans

It's safe to say Panthers Nation is ready for the 2016 season.

Regardless of the weather, over 22,000 people came out to the first day of practice to get a glimpse of the squad.

A number of fans also returned for day 2 of camp to watch their favorite players, check out the new faces, and if they were lucky get the autograph they had been waiting all day for.

Cam Newton

Newton told us he had a hectic offseason with an excruciating schedule, but he found time to do what he needed to do to prepare for the upcoming season.

"You don't get this type of team often. Young, good, core guys. That is very powerful," Cam said on the 2016 team. He also said he does not feel the need to talk about Super Bowl 50, that's the past and it's time to focus on the upcoming season.

Newton also continues to ask for brutal honesty when it comes to how he can improve, whether it be from Mr. Richardson, Coach Rivera, Mr. Gettleman or his father.

"You hear it often: Yeah, you can throw the comebacks and digs, but what about the checkdowns and slants and just getting back to the small nuances of the game? That makes big differences," he said.

During day 2 of camp, Newton made some great plays, but Coach Rivera also admitted Cam had a few moments where he tried to force things.

Kelvin Benjamin

KB is back for the 2016 season after missing all of the last season due to a torn ACL.

"I felt like a kid in a candy store," said Benjamin on his feeling during his first camp practice. He also went on to say he had butterflies and was so excited to be back he had to tell himself to calm down.

In day 2 of practice, Benjamin was right back on the field making awesome catches. For example, in one play Benjamin pulled down a 45-yarder from Newton over Kurt Coleman. I think it's safe to say Benji is Back.

Thieves Ave

Josh Norman, Roman Harper, and Charles Tillman all played an important part in the DBs chemistry, personality, and success, but they are no longer with the team.

The team drafted 3 CBs in hopes of filling that void, but will the team chemistry still be there? Safety Kurt Coleman, says their group is wasting no time on developing that bond and that is what training camp is all about, but only time will tell how it will develop.

Coleman also said it doesn't matter who is on the roster, including himself, the DBs mantra and mindset of being thieves will not change, their goal will still remain the same---to have the most takeaways in the league.

"Everyone is counting us out in the back, but I think we're going to rise to the challenge," said Coleman.

1st Round Draft Pick Vernon Butler

Butler was carted off the field during day 2 of practice with cramps. Coach Rivera told us Butler will get an IV and should be good to go for day 3 of camp.

Coming Up 

Panthers will be in full pads for the first time Saturday morning.