SLIDESHOW: Highest-Rated Ice Cream Shops (by state)

SLIDESHOW: Highest-Rated Ice Cream Shops (by state)

(WBTV) - With the heat wave hitting the country right now, a little ice cream might hit the spot to be just the right cool treat.

But why just settle for ANY ice cream? You want the best, right?

Website put together a list of the highest-rated ice cream shops in each state (and Washington, D.C.).

According to its article, the website used data from FourSquare, the city guide app, and rounded up the top-rated ice cream shop.

Reviews from some of the ice cream shops include ""Delicious ice cream. The mint chocolate chip has forever ruined me for anything other then Moo's mint chocolate chip!"

"Best ice cream I've ever had," another review reads. "Don't forget to grab a pint from their pint fridge for later!"

Get the scoop and check out the shops nearest you and see if you agree!

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