WBTV On Your Side: Community Conversation

Community Conversation pt. 1

(WBTV) - As a leader in the Charlotte community, WBTV News is proactively addressing recent violence in the headlines.

On Tuesday, August 2, WBTV News presented "WBTV On Your Side: Community Conversation" on all of its platforms: WBTV, Bounce and streaming across WBTV digital products.

"One of the traits of strong communities and organizations is having the ability and willingness to discuss weaknesses and areas in need of improvement as easily as we speak about our strengths," says WBTV Vice President and General Manager Scott Dempsey.  "We're hoping this community forum is a step in the right direction."

The decision to pre-empt primetime CBS and Bounce programming to devote resources to a project of this magnitude comes as tragic events have devastated communities and families across the United States and around the world.

Brutally graphic videos on social media, targeted attacks on law enforcement and mass murders have dominated the news cycle. Social media reactions are polarized and, often, the most extreme voices are given the most attention.

WBTV News recognizes the negative effect this can have on the audience and will use its resources to amplify solutions to the challenges facing our communities.

"We have a responsibility to serve and a commitment to be 'on your side' as a community resource," says WBTV News Director Dennis Milligan.  "This is one way we can use our platforms to promote positive change."

WBTV anchors Molly Grantham and Steve Crump reached out to a variety of local leaders, such as Patrick Graham, President/CEO of Urban League of Central Carolinas, and CMPD Police Chief Kerr Putney to talk about issues facing our communities in this one-hour primetime special.

They also visited a few spots in Charlotte to hear from the general public. The goal is to candidly discuss uncomfortably difficult topics like race relations and identify ways to improve our communities.

Resources for you:

We all have ideas on how to make our communities a better place. WBTV On Your Side wanted to provide you a way to get your ideas heard.

You can contact us right here at WBTV by sending an email to communityconversation@wbtv.com or by using #WBTVandMe on social media.

You can also contact the community organizations below:

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