Ben Williamson Station Secret

Ben Williamson Station Secret

(WBTV) - How do I like to welcome people? By telling their Station Secret, of course!

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Ben can't feel the bottom part of his leg. It's true! Old weed whacker accident.

His freshman year of college, Ben was working for a landscaping company. It was just a regular day, until he came upon some really thick weeds. He changed out the regular string head for a chainsaw type head.

He was working away and came to a piece of scrap metal – the kind that might hold plywood together. Before he could avoid it, he hit it and sent it flying, into his leg!

A piece about the length of his thumb went in and hit an artery. It wasn't bleeding. It was squirting. (I'm glad we don't have a picture of that.)

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Needless to say, he went into shock and to the hospital. The nurse sewed him up but he still wasn't able to walk on his leg.

Ben's dad asked for an x-ray. Turns out, the nurse sewed the piece of metal into his leg! She didn't realize it was in there.

A doctor was rushed in overnight to perform surgery to remove it. He said he had never seen anything quite like it. He had to take out "like a million pieces of rust".

It did damage to the nerves and muscle tissue. That's why he can't feel part of his leg. He regained motion but no feeling.

If you kicked him, he would feel pressure. but no pain. (But please don't test that out. He's new.)

So, there's a little something you didn't know about Ben!

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