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Records show Charles Jeter 2004 'vote' marked in error

Charles Jeter Charles Jeter

Records maintained by the South Carolina State Elections Commission show a mistake made by a poll worker during the 2004 election led to Charles Jeter being recorded as having cast a ballot in that state’s general election.

On Your Side Investigates reported Monday that election records in both North Carolina and South Carolina showed Jeter casting in-person ballots in the 2004 election. Jeter denied casting a ballot in South Carolina, despite what the state’s records showed.

It is a federal crime to knowingly cast more than one ballot in an election.

Following our report, a spokesman for the South Carolina Elections Commission said the agency would pull the log of voters from the precinct in Greer, SC where Jeter was recorded as having cast a ballot to confirm whether or not he signed as having voted.

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The poll log shows another voter, Helen B. Jeter, signed the slot for Charles Jeter’s name in error.

“The poll list shows that the poll manager marked the line for Charles Jeter, Jr., but it was Helen B Jeter who actually voted, evidenced by the signature,” elections commission spokesman Chris Whitmire said in an email to On Your Side Investigates. “The poll manager made a mistake and should have dropped down to the next line to mark Helen B Jeter.”

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