Molly's Kids: Surgery now scheduled for Lexi Rae Poston

Molly's Kids: Surgery now scheduled for Lexi Rae Poston

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We met Cleveland County's 3-year-old Lexi Rae Poston on June 26.

Lexi Rae battles Arnold Chiari (pronounced as Key-r-ee) Malformation, known as ACM. She has extreme pressure on her brain stem and spinal cord.

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In that post I asked Jamie, Lexi Rae's mom, to keep us updated. Jamie wrote to say decompression surgery is now scheduled for August 4 at Levine Children's Hospital.

This is a huge step. ACM is all about trying to fix the symptoms because currently there is no cure.

Keep smiling as you prepare for surgery, Lexi Rae.


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