Perfect timing: Stranger leaves kind note on woman's car when she needed it most

Woman surprised by kind note

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Four simple words on a sticky note changed a woman's life.

It seems everywhere you turn these days, there's a story going viral about someone leaving a mean note on someone's car for doing something wrong.

Sharon Lotze thought that too.

"My first impression was someone's left me a nasty note, you know? I was wondering what I did wrong," Sharon said.

As Sharon walked out of a store on Sunday in Huntersville, she saw the 3" by 3" sticky note affixed to her driver's side window. She pulled it off and read it - and almost started to cry. The note said "Love more, Worry less."

"It couldn't have come at a better time, because it's been a trying couple of weeks for my family," Sharon said.

A few weeks ago, Sharon's son-in-law was in a very serious car crash that nearly cost him his life. He's in stable condition now, but the accident and his recovery have put a tremendous amount of stress on the entire family.

That's why a simple note, left by a person she never saw, stopped Sharon in her tracks.

"Just for a brief moment I felt like somebody cared. And that they took a moment to make me feel good," Sharon said.

Sharon wonders if there's any way that person could have known just what their little note meant. "It made me feel really special, and gave me a boost."

The car parked next to hers had a similar note on it, so it's likely this sticky-note-smile bandit didn't have a clue exactly how much it would mean to Sharon.

But she hopes that person might see this story and be inspired to keep on leaving little reminders, that people are in fact, wonderful.

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