SLIDESHOW: Most searched Pokemon Go character (by state)

SLIDESHOW: Most searched Pokemon Go character (by state)

(WBTV) - Gotta Catch 'Em All? You might be having a hard time catching some of more elusive Pokemon characters, but the good news is you aren't alone.

Millions of people across the county have downloaded Pokemon Go and caught the fever, hunting for the creatures all hours of the day and night with their phones raised in the air looking around.

The game quickly became the biggest mobile game in U.S. history, attracting just under 21 million daily active users, according to reports from last week.

The augmented reality game uses the camera on your phone to have Pokemon appear in the app. It also uses the GPS to show you nearby Pokemon, but people have taken to Google to help them find certain Pokemon.

The website analyzed Google searches about different Pokemon characters that start with phrases like "Where is" or "How to find." They then used that info to figure out which Pokemon character people in each state are searching for the most.

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While you are on the hunt, you should heed the warnings of many law enforcement officials who have advised players about trespassing in an effort to track down the electronic tokens. People have also fallen off cliffs, stumbled on dead bodies and invaded nearby cemeteries.

Calls have gone out from hospitals and even the Holocaust Museum asking people to avoid playing the game in the facilities.

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