Safe driving tips for off-roading

Safe driving tips for off-roading
N Charlotte Toyota SUV
N Charlotte Toyota SUV
You’ve mastered the pavement, but have you ever taken your N Charlotte Toyota off-roading? Getting off the beaten path and taking on different terrains can be fun in your Toyota truck or SUV! However, if you don’t know how to safely handle your N Charlotte Toyota on different terrains, we’re sharing how to prep for off-roading and some safe driving tips!

Prep with N Charlotte Toyota parts and service

Before you take on any tough terrain, make sure your vehicle is up for the job. If you’re driving a Toyota truck or SUV, ensure that it has some off-road capabilities like four-wheel or all-wheel drive, skid plates, rear locking differential, and all-terrain tires.
If you need to get your vehicle ready for off-roading adventures, stop by our N Charlotte Toyota Parts Center! They have everything you need to get ready for off-roading, including shocks, tires, and protective parts.

Off-road safe driving tips

In North Carolina, the terrains differ all around. Toward the coast you have sand, while farther west you face mountains and snow. Depending on where you’re off-roading, you may encounter tough terrains. When the road is not paved, you N Charlotte Toyota faces risks. To keep you and your passengers safe, our Toyota team has come up with safe driving tips for different types of terrain.


Taking a drive on the beach? Before you get yourself stuck in the soft sand, make sure you let some air out of your tires. When you lower the psi in your tires, they flatten out and create more surface area. Flattened tires allow you to drive on top of the sand rather than through it. Try to avoid sharp turns while safe driving in sand, and if you get stuck, back up slowly rather than powering forward.

Snow and ice

Snow and ice covered roads are dangerous. It’s recommended that you avoid driving in these conditions all together, but we know that’s not always an option. If you have to take on slippery terrain like snow and ice, make sure to exude caution. Drive slow, avoid sudden stops and sharp turns, and try not to stop while driving up a hill.


Before you take on muddy terrain, check the depth. Mud is deceiving and you could be taking your N Charlotte Toyota deeper than it can handle. If the mud is shallow, proceed with caution. Drive slow and keep your hands on the steering wheel in case of loss of traction.


If you find yourself driving down an unsealed gravel road, reduce your speed. When driving on gravel, your tire tread isn’t in complete contact with the ground. This increases your chance of the tires slipping and you could lose control of the vehicle.
Be safe when you’re on and off the road! Always avoid distracted driving and use safe driving and defensive driving techniques. Keep distractions out of sight and out of reach.
For more safe driving tips or how to prep your vehicle for off-roading on different terrains, visit Toyota of N Charlotte! We’re conveniently located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77 at exit 23!