Recipe: Stuffed French Toast

Recipe: Stuffed French Toast

Chef Sandra, the South Charlotte Chef, stopped by the WBTV studio Sunday morning to whip up a morning favorite: Stuffed French Toast.

It is an easy way to feed the family if you have a little time.

What you will need:

- 6 croissants

- 3 eggs

- 1 cup milk

- 1 pinch nutmeg

- 1 teaspoon vanilla

- 1 cup cream cheese

- 1 cup strawberries

- 1 teaspoon vanilla

- 1 tablespoon sugar

1) Mix egg, milk nutmeg and sugar together in a bowl.

2) Mix cream cheese, strawberries, vanilla and sugar together in food processor

3) Slit croissant and stuff with cream cheese mixture, press down to secure and dip in egg mixture, let soak in as making French Toast

4) In a large frying pan with melted butter place croissant on medium heat, when well toasted flip over.

5) Dust with powder sugar and enjoy