Nettie Reeves: The heart of the matter

Nettie Reeves: The heart of the matter

Nettie Reeves and crew stopped by the WBTV News Saturday Morning show to get to the heart of the matter! Nettie broke down what you need to know about resting heart rate and how to know if it's within a healthy range.

What is resting heart rate?

1. Your resting heart rate is the number of times the heart is beating while at rest.

2. The faster it beats at rest, the harder it's working in general.

3. Ironically, the only way to slow down the pace of the beats at rest is to exercise it.

4. The only way to exercise the heart is through aerobics.

How do I determine my resting heart rate?

1. Take your pulse (count the heartbeats by placing two ?ngers on the carotid artery) for 3 consecutive mornings (rise slowly and sit on the side of bed)

2. Jot down the numbers for each morning and add them all together. Divide the total by 3. This is your average resting heart rate.

How do I know if my heart rate is within a healthy range?

1. American Heart Association states that between 60 - 100 is normal range

2. 80 - 100 may require you to vamp up your workout

3. Over 100 is dangerous and could be at risk for heart failure

What should I do if my resting heart rate is in the dangerous zone?

1. Check with your doctor for a thorough checkup

2. Begin at the beginning

1. Low Impact Aerobics

2. Walk

3. Jump Rope

4. Hit Tennis balls on a wall

5. Ride a bicycle - or learn to ride

6. Hula Hoop

7. Perform dynamic stretches

8. Dance

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