Local Republicans heading to National Convention.

. - The Republican National Convention will get underway Monday in Cleveland, Ohio and some local Republicans are making the trip.

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour says he's a delegate.

"It's going to be a really interesting convention, especially compared to 2012 in Tampa. I was there in Tampa" Ridenhour said. "I know security is high and very tight. Everyone has a little bit of concern regarding protesters and people in the streets protesting and stopping buses in the highway and things like that. It will be an interesting experience for sure."

North Carolina is expected to have 72 delegates at the convention.

While it's expected that protesters will dominate the landscape outside Quicken Loans Arena, inside the arena might not be boring either.

Ridenhour said people are wondering what will the delegates do?

"Are they all gonna stand and cheer and clap for Trump because a lot of people don't support him? I've heard some people say some people are planning on turning their backs on him during the speech" Ridenhour told WBTV. "I don't know. There's always potential for something being stirred up inside the convention."

Trump has said the convention will be a show.

Political Scientist Eric Heberlig of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte said even though some prominent Republicans have decided to skip the convention because they don't support Trump, the convention will still grab attention.

"Given that it's Donald Trump involved and many of the traditional Republican politician speakers aren't planning to come, you're going to have a different mix of speakers than we usually see and I suspect that will drive up ratings because people tune in to see these un-traditional speakers."

Heberlig said unpredictable could work in Trump's favor.

"It's probably a good thing for the Republicans because what conventions do is give the party the opportunity to get its core message across and to promote its nominee."