Charlotte man heading to Olympics in Brazil

Sports announcer heading to Rio

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For Mike Markham, getting to the Olympics has been a dream for as long as he can remember. "I just kept banging on that door until it swung open," he said.

But Mike won't be winning any medals. He might not even break a sweat during the Summer Games in Rio.

Mike is a professional announcer who makes his living with his voice. His career began in college when he was attending his wife's soccer games.

"The guy who announced them, I didn't think he was very good. So I tried to get the announcing gig, and I wasn't able to get it but some high school basketball announcing came up," Mike said.

Mike worked his way up the ladder, learning the tricks of the trade as he went along. Finding jobs wasn't always easy, but now he travels the world announcing professional sporting events.

After trying unsuccessfully to land jobs at the two previous Olympics, a few weeks ago Mike learned he landed a gig in Rio announcing women's basketball. It's a dream job that means as much as a gold medal.

"To have been banging on that door for five years and have it finally swing open," Mike said. "It's incredibly rewarding and I'm sure it will be even more rewarding once I get to Brazil."

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