SLIDESHOW: Top baby names (so far) in 2016

SLIDESHOW: Top baby names (so far) in 2016

(WBTV) - We're halfway through the year and a baby naming website has come out with the most popular baby names, so far, for 2016. says a new girl name has taken the top spot for the most popular name, while a Biblical boy's name is still holding on to the top ranking.

According to the website, the website ranks which names attract the most views of nearly 40 million visits to its name pages in the first half of 2016.

The list gauges the baby names that are winning the most attention from parents-to-be right now, and may predict which names will be used most for babies in the future.

It has also gauged which names are quickly trending upwards, by how many spots the name has jumped up on the website's list. Aryan is the hottest boys' name for the first half of 2016, while Sadie is the hottest girl's name.

You can see the other trending names, for girls and boys, in our slideshow.

Newcomers to the 2016 Top 100 include several unusual names we may hear lots more of in coming years. For girls, these are Anouk, Cecilia, Freya, and Ophelia. For boys, they are Alistair, Hugo, and Lucian.

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