Learn the meanings of road signs!

Learn the meanings of road signs!
N Charlotte Toyota
N Charlotte Toyota
When you drive around your town every day, you become familiar with the roadways and the road signs. You remember when lanes end or when the speed limit changes, right? Well, what about when you travel or move? If you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re driving in, you may see types of signs you’re unfamiliar with. This can get confusing and you may not know what they mean or what you should do. To help keep you safe on the road, Toyota of N Charlotte is explaining different types of road signs!

Road Sign Safety Tips

You’re driving your N Charlotte Toyota and you come upon a sign that you don’t recognize – what do you do? Remember these road sign safety tips from our N Charlotte Toyota dealership. We’re defining the meanings of some common and not-so-common road signs! 

No Parking

A white square sign with the letter “P” crossed out means that parking there is prohibited. If you park where it is prohibited, you run the risk of getting a parking ticket or getting your N Charlotte Toyota towed. 

No U-turn

At an intersection or median, if there is a sign posted with a U-shaped arrow that’s crossed out, this means that you’re not allowed to make a U-turn at this point. If there is no red circle with slash through the middle, a legal U-turn is allowed so you can drive in the opposite direction of which you came.

Road Slippery When Wet

Depending on where you live, you may never see one of these signs. However, areas that get a lot of rain and snow will have these “road slippery when wet” road signs. It will either read just that, or it will have the image of a car followed by two curvy lines.

No Trespassing

If you come across a “no trespassing” sign, this means that you are not allowed onto that property unless you have permission. If you trespass onto property that you’re prohibited from, the police could be involved. Keep an eye out for these signs so you stay out of trouble!

Drive safe in your N Charlotte Toyota!

Make sure you’re always paying close attention to signs on the side of the road. Signs are there to help point you in the right direction and keep you safe. For example, if you’re on a road trip and are in need of a rest stop, there are typically signs along the highway that gives a distance until the next rest area!
Paying attention to what’s on the road, including signs is all part of defensive driving. By taking advantage of defensive driving techniques, you can keep yourself and your passengers safer on the road. Defensive driving also involves be aware of other drivers on the road, as well as abiding by all road rules and laws.
For more tips on how to decipher road signs from your N Charlotte Toyota, visit us! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77 at exit 23!