Hottest temps of the year set to arrive this weekend

Today temperatures are back into the mid 90s, with storm chances pretty low outside of the mountains. Then, the hottest weather of the year so far is on the way for Saturday, as highs reach the upper 90s with heat index values well into the triple digits.

Don't be surprised if a Heat Advisory is issued for part of the viewing area for Saturday. Again, cooling storm chances are pretty slim for the start of the weekend.

Temperatures will scale back to the low to mid 90s Sunday and into next week thanks to a weak cold front that will arrive and stall. We will also bring back those afternoon thunderstorm chances for temporary relief in the afternoons.

Heat Safety tips:

  • Limit your exposure outside, take frequent breaks
  • Drink plenty of fluids, water is best, no alcohol
  • Wear light colored clothing and light weight clothing
  • Seek shade, don't get sunburned
  • Check on elderly, children and pets.

Heat Stroke is the number one weather killer, more than tornadoes and hurricanes combined.

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