Illegal dumping found after Goodwill moves locations

Illegal dumping found after Goodwill moves locations

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Goodwill building on Freedom Drive is still receiving items after Goodwill vacated the building about a month ago, causing a pile up of goods. Goodwill moved into a new facility on Wilkinson Blvd.

"I have been watching this build up since last week." Neighbor Nathaniel Weathers said.

Neighbors have been seeing sofas, clothes, and trash pile up beside the empty building. It appears people didn't know Goodwill moved and are still dropping off donations.

"Whoever wants to dump, they give it to the Goodwill," Weathers said. "They find out that they moved - they just sit it here on the side and people go through it."

Charlotte Solid Waste Services did send crews to clean up the mess Monday morning.

"We did receive a call today," Charlotte City Solid Waste Services Spokesperson Denada Jackson said. "And since it is in a visible area, we decided to go ahead and clean up."

Jackson tells WBTV the party responsible will more than likely be cited for this violation.

"The building is actually closed," Jackson said. "And there is trash mixed in with a lot of furnishings and clothing, so they would deem it illegal dumping."

The property manager tells WBTV he is aware of the dumping and says he has been spending thousands of dollars to keep it clean. He admits his company is responsible for keeping the area clean, others think Goodwill should bear some of the responsibility.

"If Goodwill would have left a dumpster to put that stuff in," Weathers said. "And saying - put a sign over here on the side instead of over here - people would have known not to dump here."

It didn't take long for crews to clean up the side of Goodwill building.

"It looks much better now since they got it cleaned up around here," Weathers said.

The property manager tells WBTV he has come up with a plan to help prevent dumping. He says there will be cones and tape to alert people to not drop off items.

Weathers is skeptical the property managers plan will work.

"You going to see some more stuff out here tomorrow." Weathers said.

Goodwill responded to WBTV's request for comment Monday afternoon.

"Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont vacated the retail space on 2901 Freedom Drive on June 23, 2016. The move out letter sent to Goodwill from the landlord on that date stated that the space was fully inspected and the condition of the leased premises were deemed acceptable for the space turnover.

Any activity since June 23rd that takes place at 2901 Freedom Drive is the responsibility of the landlord. We take the responsibility to protect the resources entrusted to us by the community very seriously. We are working with the property manager to ensure that any confusing signage is removed."

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