Nettie Reeves: TIREcracker Workout

TIREcracker workout: Nettie Reeves

Tires have multiple uses these days; getting you from point A to B on your car and moving you from ?ab to ?t with this HOT workout. Nettie Reeves stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning with her routine for success.

Warm up the body with dynamic stretches for 5-10 minutes prior to performing the exercises.

1. Tire Hop - Hopping inside and outside the tire; keeping the feet together.

2. Tire Flip - Flipping the tire over; down a lane or back and forth.

3. Tire Thrust - While squatting, thrust the tire either to another person or the wall.

4. Tire Burpees - Keeping hands on the tire, perform a burpee; hop up on tire and back down. Repeat.

5. Tire Planks - Moving around the tire with hands or feet on the tire.

6. Tire Stretch - Holding the inside of the tire and pull, keeping feet close to the tire.

Repeat 2 sets of exercises for 1 minute each prior to the Tire Stretch.