Ernie's Smokehouse BBQ: Hot Dog Bar

Ernie's Smokehouse BBQ: Hot Dog Bar

In honor of Independence Day and American BBQ history, Ernie Adler of Ernie's Smokehouse BBQ, stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to pay homage to the all American Hot Dog. He showed viewers his version of the hot dog bar.

First start with a good quality all beef hot dog. Remember hot dogs are technically sausages but my all beef preference wins. If it has pork, I'd rather have a brat or sausage. Hot dogs are usually pre-cooked and brats are not, so remembering to follow food safety guidelines grilling to 160 degrees is important. You only need to grill hot dogs to 140 degrees, nicely browned.

· Chicago dog: seeded bun, pickle and cucumber spear, sliced tomato, sweet relish, onion, pickled peppers, yellow mustard, sprinkled with celery salt.

· Carolina Dog: chili, slaw, white onion

· Mexi-Dog: in tortilla wrap, salsa, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, grilled jalapeno, roasted corn, chopped tomato, grilled onion

· Italian dog: mix 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar with 2 tbsp. olive oil into chopped tomato, red onion, basil leaves, Kosher salt and pepper to taste.

· Dog in the ring: fried onion rings or strips, sweet relish, yellow or brown mustard

· Miniature mutt: 3 slider rolls, dog, toppings of choice, slice into slider portions

· Hot, hot dog: grill and slice various hot peppers and onions, chop and mix into a spread, and spread on hot dog with mustard of choice

· Beer brats: grill brats, onions, and peppers, then place in beer bath but let soak in beer at least 20 minutes. Try lager or favorite dark or amber for the bath.

Rolls to use

· Potato roll or slider roll · Hard roll (seeded or not) · Pretzel roll


· Spicy brown (Guldens)

· Spicy Beer ‘N Brat Mustard (Silver Spring)

· Dijon (Grey Poupon)

· Coarse Brown (Inglehoffer)


· Boiling hot dogs unless it strictly for a NY style (dog, sauerkraut, mustard, optional onions) · Chicken, turkey or tofu dog. May be healthier but seriously?

· Ketchup. Sorry kids, ketchup goes on burgers


· Dogs-any all-beef dog will do.

· Brats - cheddar, red beer, Nurnberger

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