Watch for hidden trade-offs for online convenience

'WiFi Sense'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Windows 10 users who enjoy some of it's conveniences have something to consider.

WBTV Cyber Expert, and CEO of Fortalice Solutions, Theresa Payton wants you to think about a couple of things before you use one of it's features.

"WiFi Sense" is meant to help you get online quickly by automatically connecting to WiFi networks.  Payton says the service was also sharing your WiFi password with Outlook and Skype.  Payton explains the information is encrypted, which is great, but it is still stored.

Microsoft is making some changes to help better protect your privacy.  However, Wi-Fi Sense will still automatically connect you to open Wi-Fi networks which you may want to validate are safe first vs automatically connecting.

It may also accept any terms-and-conditions pages for WiFi networks which means you don't know what you just agreed to.

Below, Payton explains how to opt out:

You can turn off Wi-Fi Sense

On your PC, go to Settings | Network & Internet | Wi-Fi | Manage Wi-Fi settings.

On your Windows Phone, go to Settings | Network & wireless | Wi-Fi | Wi-Fi Sense.

Turn off Connect to suggested open hotspots.

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