McCrory calls for ‘total’ review of Whitewater Center oversight

McCrory calls for ‘total’ review of Whitewater Center oversight

CHARLOTTE, NC (Tim Funk/The Charlotte Observer) - Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday said there needs to be a 'total re-examination' of regulatory oversight of Charlotte's Whitewater Center following the death last Sunday of an Ohio teenager who contracted a rare brain infection after visiting the park.

The U.S. National Whitewater Center is the only one of three similar parks in the nation that is not regulated to help prevent waterborne illnesses.

Authorities that regulate water quality do not routinely test for the presence of the amoeba. But Mecklenburg County does test the water in public pools, including parks and apartment complexes, once a year for pH and disinfectant levels. State regulations require public pool owners to test pH and chlorine levels daily.

McCrory made his comments to the Observer after an appearance in Concord.

"I think there needs to be a total reexamination of classifying this type of park similar to a swimming pool, where there's ongoing testing," McCrory said.

"From what I have read, I'm going to talk more to my Department of Health and Human Services. But there's no doubt a lesson learned from this terrible tragedy. My heart sinks for this young girl who lost her life. But I think there could be some lessons learned based on the bacteria that was found. We should have a total reexamination of how these types of facilities are dealt with in comparison to swimming pools."