WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Have Fun, But Be Safe This Summer

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Have Fun, but Be Safe This Summer

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Summertime in the Carolinas means hazy, lazy days where we break from the routine and enjoy more time outdoors.
But summer is not a time to let down our guard.
What we’re talking about here may seem obvious, but we think it’s important to remind everyone to play safely this summer.
If you’re going to be on the lake, operate your watercraft in a cautious manner, and make sure everyone has a life preserver on.
When it comes to pools, allow the kids to cool off only where there is a lifeguard on duty or a parent who can swim nearby.
Heat exhaustion can happen in minutes, so don’t overdo it when exercising. Drink plenty of water and watch the alcohol intake.
Sadly, 40 children, on average, die in hot cars every summer. Please take a moment to make sure nobody is in your back seat before you lock your car.
And as we approach the Independence Day holiday, we ask everyone to be cautious with fireworks and leave the big stuff to the professionals.
If you think we’re being overly protective, remember that half a dozen or more families have recently held funerals for loved ones who drowned on area lakes.
Summer safety is a serious issue.

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