Molly's Kids: First beach trip; 'Look Mommy, Sand Angels'

Molly's Kids: First beach trip; 'Look Mommy, Sand Angels'

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Will Hodges got his first glimpse of the ocean earlier this month.

His mom, Sarah, was beyond excited to take him from Waxhaw to Topsail Island. Will has Severe Hemophilia A, meaning he lacks what causes blood to clot. Taking him to the beach on a week-long trip away from home was a big step.

Sarah just wrote. She says the trip delivered.

"He showed no fear when it came to jumping waves," she said. "He loved the sand. He helped make Mommy a mermaid and most of all he loved making 'sand angels'."

Welcome to the super-special "Beach Lover's Club", Will. We're a fantastic group. Glad to have you.


**Editor's note: This is about one of #MollysKids, children WBTV Anchor Molly Grantham follows closely on her Facebook page. It was first published there – which is why it's written in a personal way. For years Molly has followed hundreds of kids with uphill medical battles. Find this story and updates on all #MollysKids here.**

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