Freshen up your car with car detailing!

Freshen up your car with car detailing!
auto service in Charlotte
auto service in Charlotte
Does your car have a dingy appearance or a funky smell? If so, it’s probably in desperate need for some TLC! Life is hectic and schedules are busy, but don’t let your car’s condition fall to the wayside. If your car is beginning to look grungy and grimy, it’s time for Charlotte car detailing!

Why does your ride need car detailing?

On a day to day basis, the look and condition of your car may not bother you. However, if you continue to neglect your car, the resale value of it will go down. If you neglect all car maintenance, like routine auto service, eventually your car will break down and cost you a lot of money in repairs. While you may not be able to do auto service yourself, car maintenance is easy! Our Charlotte Toyota Service Center has car detailing tips to help you get your car back in tiptop shape!
Car detailing doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Charlotte Toyota Service Center keeps it simple and explains the basics:
  • Wash, dry and wax. Using car wash soap, water, and a scratch-free sponge, give the exterior of your car a good wash. Automatic car washes are convenient, but a hand wash does a lot better job of getting your car really clean. Once you’ve washed it, wipe it down thoroughly with a clean cloth. Don’t leave it to air dry because then you’ll end up with pesky water spots. After your car is dry, apply a thin coat of car wax. Wax acts as a barrier that protects your paint from scratches and sun damage.
  • Clean the glass. Use an ammonia-free glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to clean the inside and outside of your windshields and windows. Glass cleaners without ammonia will not damage your window tint and won’t leave a strong smell behind. The microfiber cloth removes cleaner residue and leaves the glass free of streaks,
  • Vacuum. Get dirt, sand, crumbs and other messes off of the floors and out of the seats with a vacuum. If you can’t get certain messes out of nooks and crannies, use a can of compressed air to make the accessible to the vacuum.

Car detailing kits are available at our Charlotte Toyota Parts Center!

If you’re unsure on what you need to detail your car, stop by our Toyota Parts Center in Charlotte. On the shelves are tons of products that can help you get your car looking better than ever! Our parts specialists can help you put together a car detailing kit, all at an affordable price!
You can leave it to the experts, too! If your schedule doesn’t allow for DIY car maintenance, our Toyota Service Center can help. Our Charlotte car detailing professionals will clean your car from bumper to bumper, inside and out.
To find supplies for cleaning your car, or to have it cleaned up at our Charlotte auto service center, just visit us! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77 at exit 23.