'World Changers' students repairing homes around Charlotte

'World Changers' make a difference

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A group of more than 200 students from all over the southeast are in Charlotte this week to help fix up more than 20 properties for disadvantaged people.

"That's a blessing," said Isabell Kiser. "It's a whole lot of blessings. It means more than money to me."

Kiser is 85 years old, and has been having a difficult time leaving her home because it's hard for her to navigate the steps out of her house. World Changers students from several different churches are coming together to build her a ramp.

Kiser smiled from ear to ear as she sat inside listening to the sounds of saws and drills as her ramp was built.

"That will help me get along when I want to go. I don't go that much, but when I do it will help me," Kiser said.

World Changers is hosting 20 crews at 20 different work sites across Charlotte. The teams are repairing everything from fences to roofs to building ramps for people like Ms. Kiser.

"I just saw an opportunity to come and help and show God's love," said student Jess Motes from Florida.

The students will work the rest of the week on the 20 projects. This is World Changers' first year in the Charlotte area.

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