June 20 marks the first official day of Summer fun

First day of summer

LAKE NORMAN, NC (WBTV) - The weather has been summer-like for several weeks now, but June 20 is actually the first day of the official summer season.

It's also the day where we'll see the most sunlight, with well over 14 hours of visible light.

WBTV decided to take to the lakes to see what folks were out doing to celebrate the day. We found more than a few kids delighted to be outside and not in school.

One young man told us he loves the summer, "Because you can swim and climb trees and you just can't do that in winter pants and coats."

During this time of year, we see our earliest sunrise and our latest sunset. 2016's earliest sunrise occurred on June 10, the latest sunset is set to occur on June 29.

These long days will last for much of the summer season. But, the summer solstice also marks the beginning of the shortening of days.

Each day past the solstice brings fewer and fewer daylight hours. By the end of August, we'll lose more than one hour of daylight.

By the end of October, we'll be just over eleven hours of daylight.

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