Neighborhood email warns of children practicing racist chants near homes

Neighborhood email warns of children practicing racist chants near homes

WAXHAW, NC (WBTV) - An email to a Union County neighborhood warns residents of a purported group of middle school-aged children practicing a "white supremacist chant" in front of several homes of African-American families.

The email was sent Friday morning to people who live in the Weddington Trace neighborhood in Union County.

The neighbor who wrote the email said he was walking his dogs around 7 a.m. Friday when he saw three young boys along Broom's Old Mill.

"With an arm held high, they yelled 'White pride, worldwide, hail the brotherhood' followed by a German phrase," the email to the neighborhood said.

The email said the boys continuing chanting as they walked down multiple streets "pausing in front of several houses occupied by black families."

"This definitely needs to be addressed." neighbor Ted Strother said.

Another neighbor said her son might have seen the boys.

"They look like to me the same kids who are always skating around here," neighbor Benda Martinez said. "He just saw the mohawk."

Martinez thinks this incident is just kids being kids, but she is concerned.

"Alert because of what's happening everywhere, always alert," she said. "We have a lot of black people and Spanish people, like me, living here - be careful."

The concerned neighbor who wrote the email, said because of the shootings in Charleston and Orlando "we shouldn't discount this as a harmless action."

The Union County Sheriff's Office says it got several calls from people in the neighborhood who heard the chants. Deputies will be patrolling the neighborhood more often and neighbors will be keeping watch.

Neighbors say the abandoned home where the youngsters were found chanting spells trouble.

"The house needs to be leveled, it's an infestation of garbage," Strother said. "Young adults hanging out there doing things they shouldn't be doing after hours."

The managing agency of Weddington Trace Subdivision says the Home Ownership Association (HOA) board will discuss what the neighbor saw and could send out a reminder to the homeowners and their children the expectations for the community.

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