After Orlando shooting, sales of AR-15 rifles are rising

After Orlando shooting, sales of AR-15 rifles are rising

LENOIR, NC (WBTV) - Following the deadly shootings in Orlando, FL, talk of banning certain weapons such as the AR-15 rifle that was used in the mass shooting has led to an increase in sales of them.

"This is normally our slow time of year," said Joel Snyder, owner of Guns Too in Lenoir. He said he can expect to sell four or five AR-15 rifles in a month, but already this week he has sold six.

Snyder said any time the political talk focuses on guns, sales increase. Many customers are afraid if they wait too long, the weapon won't be available for sale.

Snyder hopes the AR-15 will not be banned.

Bobby Robbins, who handles the sales at the shop, said much of the political talk stems from the weapon looking like a military assault rifle.

"It is not one," he said, "It is a semi-automatic rifle. You pull the trigger once and only one bullet is fired."

Military assault weapons can fire hundreds of rounds in a minute with just one pull of the trigger.

Robbins also said when it comes to consumer rifles, the AR-15 has a small caliber round compared to most.

"Deer rifles are much more powerful and have better range," he said.

There is a major difference, though. The AR-15 can accept high-capacity magazines that can hold 30, 40, or even 100 rounds. That means a shooter does not have to reload as often.

Folks at the gun shop think that is where the debate over the AR-15 will eventually lead.

Shane Greene, who owns an AR-15, believes some changes are coming and will likely focus on the magazine issue.

In any case, as long as the debate rages, sales of the AR-15 rifles and accessories, including large capacity magazines, are expected to be strong.

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