Are you due cash back on your vehicle tax?

Lost vehicle tax money

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - North Carolina drivers could be missing out in tax refunds simply because they don't realize how the system works.

A couple of years ago the state implemented a system in which you update your registration and pay your vehicle tax at the same time.

There are 650,000 vehicles registered in Mecklenburg County.  Every day people are trading in their old cars for new ones, or totaling cars that have to be replaced.

"When you get your tax bill look on the back.  It details exactly what you have to do," Neal Dixon told us.  He is the Mecklenburg County Tax Collector.

He said he knows some people might not realize it is possible to get back some of the tax you have already paid on a vehicle provided you don't transfer the tag.

"You have the option to pro-rate the taxes and get a refund of the amount you have paid in tax," Dixon said.

The details of what you need to get your money back can be found on your bill and on the website of your local tax office.  Most people, however, don't know to look for it and the tax office isn't in a position to notify every driver in their unique situation.

"There's really no way the tax office knows when you have sold a car or if a car is totaled unless you notified us," Dixon said.

Last year Mecklenburg County processed 4,700 prorated tax bills for a total of $392,000.  That averaged $84 per refund.

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