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Should you retire your used car?

Signs you should retire your used car

used car retirement signs used car retirement signs
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Are you planning a big summer road trip? You know your route and your destinations, but do you know if your used car is up to the task? Long drives can be hard on older cars, especially ones that are already facing problems. Should you take your Charlotte used car on a road trip or should you drop it off at the junk yard? Our Charlotte used car experts know of five signs that means it’s time to retire your ride and shop for a new one.

Signs you should retire your used car

You and your car have been through a lot, but cars aren’t meant to live forever. It may be time to send your ride to the junk yard. Check out these tell-tale signs that it’s the time has come for your Charlotte used car:

  • Repairs cost more than your car’s worth. If you’re spending a majority of your money and time at the mechanic, your car is nearing its end. If you calculate the costs of auto repairs and it’s more than your Charlotte used car is worth, then it’s time to say goodbye!
  • A cracked or seized engine block. Has your engine flat lined? This is damage that’s not easily (or cheaply) repaired. In fact, your entire engine would have to be replaced.
  • Accident damage. If you’ve been in a car accident that has totaled your car or left it with frame damage, your car is no longer safe to drive. If the insurance company has labeled your car as salvage, it’s time to part ways.
  • Rusty exterior. Do you see more rust than you do paint? Does your car flake just by looking at it? This is a sign that your car has irrevocable damage. Unfortunately, rust spreads like virus and will only continue to eat up your car.
  • Parts are few and far between. If your car model has been discontinued for more than a few years, it can become difficult to find parts. If those parts are found, they are typically expensive.

Shop for a reliable ride at Toyota of N Charlotte!

Just because your car’s time has come to an end, doesn’t mean you have to cancel your epic road trip. In fact, you can have a more enjoyable road trip this summer after you shop at our Charlotte pre-owned car dealership. We have reliable rides that can save you money on the lot and at the gas pump.

If your car isn’t exactly ready to retire, but you need an upgrade – you can trade it in! Bring your car into our dealership, have it appraised on the spot, and get cash for it! You can ride home in a new car that same day.

All of our pre-owned cars come with a FREE vehicle history report and have been through an extensive safety inspection by our Toyota-trained auto service technicians. You can buy a Charlotte used car with confidence! 
Come take a test drive at 13429 Statesville Road! We’re located just off of I-77 at exit 23!

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