Summer grilling with Ernie's Smokehouse BBQ

Summer Grilling with Ernie's Smokehouse BBQ

Traditional and Upscale Outdoor Food
Robert Ernie Adler, Head Smokemaster

Whole herbed whole fish

· Buy your favorite fish. I like fish like snapper and trout for this. They're lighter fish and combine well with the herbs. Get the fish scaled and cleaned but with head and tail on.

· 6 hours before stuff inside with fresh thyme, parsley, garlic, sprinkle Kosher salt and pepper, a few slices of lemon, drizzle some olive oil, and tie up with string. On the outside rub with olive oil, Kosher salt, and pepper.

· Heat grill to 450 degrees. This is best done on charcoal or wood but it'll still be great on a gas grill. I recommend using a smoker box with apple, cherry, or orange wood and soak the chips in some inexpensive white wine.

· Rub oil onto the grill and again on the fish before placing on. Cook for 7-10 minutes and flip making sure to oil the grate before flipping. You can also sprinkle a little wine on the fish during cooking.

· After another 5-7 minutes the fish is done.

· Serve immediately.

Lebanese lamb ribs

· 12+ hours before rub ribs with extra virgin olive oil and season with Zaatar Spice.

There are several different types; I prefer the Lebanese one for this. You can find this in most spice shops or at Middle Eastern Markets. An alternative would be to season with chopped garlic and rosemary, salt and pepper.

· Pre-heat grill to 325 degrees. You will be cooking on indirect heat.

· Place ribs on grill turning every 20 minutes. After about 1.5 hours the meat should be very pulled back from the bone and very tender.

· If you want a sauce combine about ½ cup of balsamic vinegar and your favorite honey. Put the ribs over the flame and turn/baste each side every 5 minutes for about another 20-30 until desired tenderness. They will darken from the vinegar and then the sugar caramelizing.

· If you don't want to sauce just finish up over the flame for another 10-15 minutes per side but watch for burning.

· Optional: baste pita bread with olive oil and Kosher Salt and grill for a few minutes on each side. Cut into quarters and serve with a plate of olive oil and the Zaatar spice sprinkled onto the oil.

Iron Skillet Old Bay Clambake

· Heat grill to 400 degrees.

· Lightly baste corn and creamer potatoes with canola oil and season with Kosher salt.

· Grill corn directly and potatoes in iron skillet. When done set aside to cool.

· Grill chorizo or andouille sausage if raw or use pre-cooked. When done set aside to cool then slice into pieces.

· In pot add water about 1/3 of the way, add in 1 cup white wine, garlic, 2 lemons halved, and 2 tbsp. Old Bay seasoning

· When corn and potatoes are about half way done put pot on the grill. When the water is boiling add mussels, clams, shrimp, and scallops and cook for 10 minutes.

· Slice corn into wheels and add corn, potatoes, and sausage into the clam pot and cook for another 10-15 minutes.

· When clams are fully open remove from the grill-that should be 20-30 minutes of total cooking time.