Harding student to graduate with perfect attendance, following mom's footsteps

The tradition of perfect attendance

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Elisia McKnight is set to graduate on Friday morning with no missed days of school since her first day of kindergarten 13 years ago.

"Basically, unless you were dead, you're going to school," McKnight said of her mother's policy on absences from school.

Elisia is a senior at Harding University High School and is graduating with numerous achievements and awards. But she's not the only one in her family to never miss a day of school. While not unheard of, Elisia is a part of a pretty uncommon family.

Her younger sister and brother, Elaina and DJ, have never missed a day of school either.

Elisia's mother also graduated from Olympic High School 25 years ago, with the same honor.

"At the end of it all during graduations and all," Shannon McKnight said, "you get to see it and you go, 'Phew! That's one thing I did right."

Elisia's mother and her father Derek both attribute their children's success in school to their attendance records.

"You wouldn't believe how adamant she can be on getting up and not missing school," Derek said of Elisia's record. "Having my first child graduate from high school, I'm really proud."

Derek says his whole family gives him good-natured grief for being the only person in the McKnight family to ever miss a day of school, "Just a few," he said.

Elisia plans to attend Appalachian State in the fall and says she'll try to continue with her flawless record of attendance.

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