Cam Newton plans to retire the Dab

Cam Newton plans to retire the Dab

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The internet is on fire after Carolina Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton says he plans to retire a dance move he helped go viral.

Newton was a guest on the first hour of WFNZ's "Mac Attack" radio show and talked about a variety of topics including his personal goals for the new season, the growth of offense, Super Bowl 50 and Panthers' fans.

But comment in the last two minutes of the nearly 30 minute interview has shocked many Panthers faithful.

"Are you gonna Dab this season or are you done with Dabbin'?" he was asked.

"I have to put that aside. Every year I do something," he said. "I need something new. I have time. I have until September to find out."

The pose has been made famous by many high profile people, including Newton, who often makes the gesture after a touchdown.

It is a simple dance where you tuck your head into your arm and extend the other one to the side. The move was created by the Atlanta rap trio Migos. Newton also is from Atlanta and had met Migos about 2014 when their song "Versace" made its way to the Billboard 100.

In fact, Newton appeared on the show to promote his charity kickball event Friday, including the guests who would be there. Among them: Migos.

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