Crime Stoppers: Armed robber demands 'no dye packs'

CMPD searching for armed bank robber

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A bold, brazen bank robber strikes with a gun drawn in broad daylight.

Three days after the stick-up, there's a security guard manning the front door at the State Employees Credit Union on Couloak Drive. That guard wasn't there when a slim white man wearing a hooded jersey and shorts rushed in with a gun pointed directly at a teller.

The robber shouted for everyone inside to hit the floor. Surveillance video shows them all complying.

"And he's pointing the gun straight at the employee and told him, 'you know, no packets,'" said CMPD Detective Tori Roddey.

The thief was talking about dye packs, which are often slipped into bags of stolen money.

"I think if you look at any type of movie they always say something about the dye packs, so everybody knows the banks have dye packets they give to you with the money that can easily explode on you."

After threatening the teller, the skinny crook with very white legs grabbed a handful of cash and was out the door in less than 20 seconds.

A silent alarm summoned police within 3-4 minutes. They used dogs and a helicopter to search for the thief, but with no luck.

Was this man connected to any other unsolved bank robberies? Detective Roddey said, "No. As of right now this is the only robbery that we can attach him to, but I'm quite sure if he got through this one easily he could strike again at any time."

The teller was so shaken up we're told he was in tears well after police arrived.

Can you help get the crook off the streets before he strikes again? Call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 and there is reward money available without leaving your name.

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