BLOG: Muhammad Ali's legacy will live on forever

BLOG: Muhammad Ali's legacy will live on forever

If you didn't know much about Muhammad Ali before his passing late Friday night, you should know more than enough now to know he was and always will be the greatest.

The fact that the talk about the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time-- for those not familiar with that term) has been going on since Friday night is telling of how much this man meant to the world.  It's Monday and yes, we are all still talking about him.

I have heard a lot in the last few days, but I heard one thing Saturday night that made me pause and really reflect on what truly brands him as the greatest.

After anchoring the sports on Saturday night, I went home to catch the end of the Francisco Vargas and Orlando Salido boxing match on HBO.  Yes, I am a boxing fan.

First off, that was an outstanding fight and was a throw back to the fights back in the days of Ali.  If you are a fight fan, catch the replay.

But at the end of the telecast, Roy Jones Jr, Max Kellerman, and Jim Lampley all took time to reflect on the Champ.  Both Jones and Kellerman talked about what he could do in the ring and he was a "bad man."

But Lampley posed a question that I never, ever thought about.  I'm going to paraphrase this but it goes something like this.

Think of any athlete in the world who would give up 3 years of their life at the height of their competitive, money making power for a social, political principal.


There was only ONE!

Muhammad Ali!

In my opinion, that sacrifice alone makes him the greatest.

Not only for what Ali did in the ring (Olympic gold medalist at 18 and 3 time world heavyweight champ), but the things he did out of it to change this world. For him taking a stance on what he believed to also being a charitable and great humanitarian.

So I would say not only did we lose the greatest, but we also lost a great human being.


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