Get your N Charlotte Toyota ready for a hurricane!

Get your N Charlotte Toyota ready for a hurricane!
safe driving in bad weather
safe driving in bad weather
Those who live in North Carolina are no strangers to storms, especially hurricanes. These massive storms have made their way into the state and wreaked havoc. This summer is the beginning of the season, and our N Charlotte Toyota dealership wants to make sure you are properly prepared. You how to get your family ready and get your house ready, but have you thought about what to do with your car?

Tips to prep your N Charlotte Toyota for a hurricane

When a hurricane is coming to your area, you typically have two options: stay put or evacuate. Depending on the severity of the storm and how you’ve prepped your home, you can stay and ride out the storm from the comfort of your house. If you choose to do this, you should make sure your car will be protected during the hurricane.
  • Park it under cover and on high ground. A sturdy structure will protect your car from falling debris, while high ground will prevent water damage from flooding.
  • Cover it with a tarp. Placing a tarp over your N Charlotte Toyota will keep the paint job safe from flying branches and other storm debris.
  • Put duct tape on the glass. If an object were to fall on top of your car, windows and windshields lined with duct tape will be less likely to shatter. It can also help with clean up.
  • Confirm your insurance policy. Before the storm gets too close, double-check that your car insurance policy covers hurricane damages. You should also consider taking pictures of your N Charlotte Toyota before the hurricane in case you have to make a claim.
However, if you choose to evacuate your family in your N Charlotte Toyota for the storm, you should make sure your car is ready. You don’t want to be underprepared while you’re out on the road in a storm. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has tips on how to prep your car for a hurricane.

Stay safe on the road in your N Charlotte Toyota!

  • Pack a go-bag. Prepare an emergency bag full of supplies like water bottles, non-perishable foods, a flashlight, phone charger, medications, etc. You should also pack bags with clothing and toiletries for those in your car.
  • Plan a route and an alternate. States typically have an evacuation route already planned, so make sure you know where and what this is. However, these routes can get congested and backed up. You should plot an alternate route to evacuate that may be less congested.
  • Have a full tank of gas. Make sure your car always has a full tank of gas if a storm is in encroaching. You may end up having to drive a long distance or be stuck in traffic idling.
Hurricanes are nothing to mess with. These intense storms can cause serious damage so it’s important that you take the steps necessary to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings. For more safety tips for hurricanes, come see us. We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77!